Grand Café

Grand Café - Photo by: Kaarina BorudGrand Café serves well-arranged music with lots of energy, which will make any foundation shake and move! Grand Café’s main goal is to spread happiness and elegant music with ROCK as its main genre!

This firework of a band released their first full-length album in early October. This is an album that will make you want to sit at a festival with a beer in your hand and the sun in your face! It’s like a train loaded with soul, high quality rock and tons of attitudes that just hits you right in your face, straight out of the speakers in over 150mph! THAT, is Grand Café! Grand Café always have the goal to be the ultimate package that makes you stand in front of the stage with the biggest smile on your face.

The music style builds on Detroit-Rock from the early 70’s, but gets inspiration also from soul, blues and boogierock to serve you a heavy A la Carte menu that satisfies your every need!

Christer Krogh - vocals, guitars, backing vocals
Kenneth Sandberg - bass
Didrik Lund - organs and saxophone
Thomas Pytterud - drums and percussion
Karine Furnes - backing vocals
Jon Petter Lindberg - trumpet

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