Below you can find factsheets/short bios for our bands.
The factsheet files are downloadable as pdf and can be distributed freely.
When using photos/covers please credit the photographer/AD.

For more info please contact us.

Grand Café
- Press info 2008 (.pdf)
- Press pictures [1] (Please credit: Kaarina Borud)
- Covers [RKL0803] (Please credit: Knut-Ole Mathisen)

The Heretics
- Press info 2008 (.pdf)
- Press pictures [1] (Please credit: The Heretics)
- Covers [RKL0802] (Please credit: Andreas Tylden)

The Smell of Mutiny
- Press info 2008 (.pdf)
- Press info 2007 (.pdf)
- Press pictures [1] [2] [3] (Please credit: Ingrid Styrkestad)
- Covers [RKL0801] [RKL0701] (Please credit: Andreas Tylden)

- Press info (.pdf)

Already Taken
- Press info (.pdf)

Rebel Royale
- Press info (.pdf) (nor)

The Royal Porn Celebrities
- Press info (.pdf) (nor)