The Heretics

The Heretics - Photo by: De oslo-baserte freakbeatfanatikerne i The Heretics kombinerer elegant et vell av 60-tallsinnflytelser (mod/garage/psych/60’s r&b osv) med et høyenergisk sceneshow og en sikker teft for gode låter. Naturlige inspirasjonskilder er band fra den noe råere delen av den engelske sekstitalls-scenen (navn som The Who, The Creation, The Kinks og The Action), men også amerikanske samtidige som The Byrds, The Remains, 13th Floor Elevators og et vell av R&B – artister kaster lange skygger i The Heretics sitt musikalske landskap.
Do you want to experience the full-on blast of five-dimensional garage rock, music as catchy as a Molotov-cocktail on an oil tanker? If so you should check out The Heretics! They’ve got a knack of combining killer tunes, roaring guitars, snarling organ and a rhythm section that takes no prisoners with the ability to lovingly kick around a sometimes strict genre and put their own special spin on it. If you add soulful vocals and adventurous harmonies to that, you got yourself the glorious high-energy filled package called The Heretics!

The band has its roots in a common love for the great mid-sixties English music scene: bands like the early Who and The Kinks, and lesser known groups like The Action and The Creation. Risk-taking, raw pop music heavily influenced by the R&B scene of the day can be a short way of putting it.

The Heretics has played concerts all over Norway, slowly building their live-reputation. The venues range from rainy windswept parking lots (hello Norheimsund!) to packed clubs filled with sweaty dancers. All shows have been fun and memorable, but for the band the ones that stick out are supporting the great Cynics of Pittsburgh and The Brimstone Solar Radiation Band, and of course the many 60’s themed club gigs The Heretics have done.

After getting surprisingly lots of mileage out of their 4-track demo (with airplay both in The US and Europe, as well as faraway Australia – and songs released on Rowed Out Records and Pistol Digital) The Heretics are now ready with their first proper record. This EP titled So Far Behind That We’re Ahead was recorded in Germany at the Hörwerk analogue studio and released by Norwegian indie record label Roadkill Records. You like it!

Remember: Very loud, very good, very The Heretics!

-“The Heretics are lighting up the mod scene with their original take on it. Old influences yes, but their way. …like Johnny Thunders covering The Yardbirds, go and see them live!” (The Underground Hedgehog)

Bjarte Thorson – guitar, backup vocals
Mads Mevatne – drums, percussion, backup vocals
Kristian Høgheim – bass guitar
Hallvard Mildestveit – vocals, guitar
(Sören Tesch - organ)

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