The Smell of Mutiny

The Smell of Mutiny - Photo by: Ingrid StyrkestadThe Trondheim based The Smell of Mutiny have during their mere half year as recording artists, made an impression on the Norwegian rock scene, with their fresh new sound and explosive live acts, hailed by music critics and a rapidly growing local fan base.

On their debut-EP, the band opts for a sound heavily influenced by mid-sixties garage-beat acts, together with a manic obsession with fifties and sixties exploitation-movies, where nudity and blood are the most prominent ingredients. Samples from movies like “The Gruesome Twosome”, “Planet 9” and “Mighty Gorga” enhances the conceptual vibes on this seven track mini-album where the naive commercial 60s sunshine-pop-sound blends in with a heavier fuzz and organ drenched punk attitude, with dark and bitter lyrics in songs such as “The Asylum” and “Sound of Falling”.

In the wake of the EP release, the band received good reviews from the press. The band also toured extensively in this period and among the highlights were klubb-Øya, Musikkfest Oslo and splitting the bill with bands such as The Brimstone Solar Radiation Band and Los Plantronics.

Fredrik Eckhoff – vocals, guitar
Jon Funderud – bass, (organ)
Lars Petter Revheim – guitar, (bass), harmonica, backup vocals
Kristian Heier – drums, backup vocals
Tore Sandbakk - tambourine, cowbells, flute, maracas, harmony vocals

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