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Roadkill Records was originally thought of as a DIY collective label, and throughout the years our releases have been mostly homemade material performed by the bands we used to play in.

In 2003 the Royal Porn Celebrities had their busiest year, and handcrafted no less than three CD-R releases until busting the habit and releasing their first “real” debut EP called Too Damn Serious in 2004. The band however split up about six months after. (Usual mistake, eh?)

In 2005, I must say we had our most original release. Rebel Royale’s Think of Something Better - featuring 4/5th of the Royal Porn Celebrities was recorded live in studio and mixed in just two days and wham-bham-thank-you-ma’am the result: an incredible 7″ vinyl disc containing two hard-rocking tunes, limited to 300 hand numbered pieces only.

Spring 2006 Roadkill released pop-punker friends Already Taken’s debut-EP Is This the End?. Already Taken later became known as Crash!, and sold their soul to the devil while committing musical suicide when entering the Eurovision Song Contest (MGP) February 2007. Not that there’s anything wrong with that… Later on the band signed a record deal and released a second single/EP on VME. Nowadays they play a lot of Gatebil- and Momarkedet shows. Not that there’s anything wrong with that either..

Roadkill also released local hardrock/metal band Reduced’s s/t debut EP the same year. The release attracted a good deal of attention and combined with extravagant and angry live shows, the fans really got the whole nine yards.

In 2007 we turned our attention to Trondheim and a 60s band called The Smell of Mutiny, which we signed to a mini-album/EP release. The EP got great reviews in both local and national press, and the result of hard band work and lots of gigs really paid off.

2008 was a great year. The Smell of Mutiny released a 7″ vinyl, The Heretics released their debut-ep in September and later that year Roadkill teamed up with Rockman Recordings to release Grand Café’s 7″ .

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