The Heretics EP reviewed by Rock Engh Roll

Rock Engh Roll posted a review of So Far Behind That We’re Ahead which was released autumn 2008. Read the whole review here (in norwegian):

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  1. krasabear Says:

    Hi there!

    Sorry, I’d write this in a fanmail or something, but I can’t seem to find any links to that, so just posting in the latest entry -

    Awesome label title!
    I was just sitting about right now, thinking up of some good names for a project (not a label, something else), but then ‘Roadkill Records’ popped into my head. So to be sure, I googled that and here you are! Beat me to it by.. uh… years.
    So since I’m here I’ll also give all your bands a listen. This whole affair can’t have been a coincidence ;)


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