Breaking News: The Fab Four becomes Five

During the last couple of weeks rumors leaked from the Mutiny Headquarters that a fifth character have been spotted attending band rehearsals. At the bands shakedown on last night Zoom semi-finals, shocked fans witnessed a heavily fringed, tambourine shaking, cowbell banging, flute blowing figure with a mustache, sing the most impressing harmony vocals heard north of “Stadt” since 1965. The classy dressed gentleman also proved to be a madman on stage, making an incredible impact on a bedazzled audience, with some fine moves and first class footstompin`. The band gave a late night comment after the show on this exiting band expandation:

“We only took him in cos of the looks. With that hair, and that mustache, you can`t go wrong, can you? And he turned out to be a nasty tambourine player, and a damned fine harmony singer, didn’t he? Don`t know his name though, calls himself MoniTore, whatever that means..”

Only time will tell if this is the new secret weapon that will finally give The Smell of Mutiny the upper hand battling for garage-beat stardom.

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