Grand Café @ John Dee, Oslo

October 3, 2008

Grand Café will release their debut album and 7″ vinyl (Roadkill/Rockman Rec) at John Dee this Friday. The vinyl will be available in ONLY 500 pcs, hand numbered, white vinyl! Be sure to get your copy! The vinyl will be available at the release party and at our webshop.

Grand Café will also do a small tour the coming weeks:

03.10 - John Dee, Oslo (release)
04.10 - Muddy’s Pub, Spydeberg
09.10 - Garage, Bergen
10.10 - Dr Munk, Husnes
11.10 - Folken, Stavanger
16.10 - Storås Utested, Trondheim
17.10 - Soundgarden, Elverum
18.10 - Studentkroa, Gjøvik
24.10 - Dean Bar, Fredrikstad
25.10 - Sin Festival, Moss
28.11 - Harvest, Kvinesdal

First reviews out!

The Heretics’ So Far Behind That We’re Ahead received its first reviews from Norwegian press this week. Both Universitas and Musikknyheter had nothing but great things to say!

Read the reviews here (in Norwegian):

Klisjérock med hjerte

Bergensere med gnistrende retrorock!

The Heretics radio listed

The Heretics’ Soul Rebel Party from their latest release So Far Behind That We’re Ahead (RKL0802) has been A-listed at Studentradion. The same song will also be A-listed in the forthcoming two weeks (week 38 and 39) at Radio Nova.

The Heretics @ Café Mono

September 27, 2008

The Heretics will be playing at Café Mono’s “Lørdagsgodt” concept, September 27th 18:00.

The Smell of Mutiny radio listed

The Smell of Mutinys What It Means is currently B-listed at Studentradion and has been for two consecutive weeks. Radio? Yes, we still listen to radio!

The Heretics @ Café Fiasco

December 20, 2008

Oslo: Café Fiasco brings us a little Christmas spirit with ‘førjulsrock’ 20th December. The Heretics will play alongside Strychnin and possibly some mutineers…?

The Heretics @ Hydranten

September 12, 2008

The Heretics is booked for a show at Hydranten, Hamar 12th September! Be There!

The Heretics @ Funhouse, Oslo (Release)

September 19, 2008

The Heretics is playing at Funhouse, Oslo 19th of September. This will be the releaseparty for their new CD-EP titled So Far Behind That We’re Ahead. Don’t know where Funhouse is? Check out:

The Heretics @ Hinsides (Pre-release)

September 6, 2008

Pre-releaseparty for The Heretics’ new CD-EP will be held at Back To Beat, Hinsides in Bergen 6th september.
The CD is currently in the making and we are sure that the final result will kick ass!

More dates will be added soon.