The Smell of Mutiny @ Blæst, Trondheim (X-mas partey)

December 12, 2007

The Beat Boogaloo Brothers; DJ Radio Luxembourg & Monitore presents The Smell of Mutiny - a freakish nightmare-before-christmas varitee of 60s garage-punk, thrash-beat and psych-soul delight. Top notch DJing before, between, after and beyond.

CC? Free!
Get in!

The Smell of Mutiny @ Blæst, Trondheim (Zoom Final)

November 1, 2007

The Smell of Mutiny got 75% of the votes last night at Blæst, and will be competing again November 1st for the final spot. The winner gets qualified for the national final in Oslo. The show at Blæst is FREE and we urge everyone to join us. C’m on! Get freaky-naughty!

The Smell of Mutiny @ 13th Floor Club, Oslo

November 10, 2007

Summer is over, and the weather is getting colder. For those who like to get warm and fuzzy inside we can recommend 13th Floor Club monthly happening at Garage, Oslo. Especially November 10th when TSOM and their fuzztastic exploitation of motions and sounds splits with Graham Day on Oslo’s fuzziest 60s beat club happening.